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What is toll blending?

Toll Blending is a service offered to companies looking to have their specialty chemical formulations blended closer to their customers.

Why choose to have your products toll blended?

Having your products toll blending gives you access to customers that are normally out of reach because of high shipping costs. Having your products toll blended also gives you access to chemicals you may not have.

Why choose R&D Packaging?

You can rely on R & D Packaging for all of your cement based custom toll blending needs. Our experience offers you a proven reputation as an industry specialist. We pride ourselves in reliability, competitive pricing and confidential partnerships, aimed at providing you with quality finished products. Our batch mixing system, will accurately blend formulas to satisfy your customer’s requirements. We use Forced flow or impeller packaging systems depending on formulation design, giving you a professional looking finished package.

Our in-house laboratory will work to find the best raw materials for your product and offer recommendations base on our testing data. R&D quality controls all finished products for consistence from first bag to last. We offer our lab to your company for any formulation, raw material, or custom design needs. 

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