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What is formula Design?

Our formulation design services takes your ideas and needs whether it be ASTM, ACI or DOT requirements and make a quality affordable product. Whether it be your raw materials or ours we can find the best raw materials for your products.

Why choose to have your products Formulated by us?

Product development and testing on products take time and can be very expensive for a company to do themselves. Let us help you speed up the process! We have the capability to run sieve analysis, slump, strength flexural, set time, and dry shrinkage tests on all products. Our lab technician will work alongside your company to make sure we use the up to date chemistry and proper requirements that meet yours needs. 

Why choose R&D Packaging?

R & D Packaging specializes in cementitious formulations to meet your requirements. Formulas can be designed in our lab to meet ASTM, ACI or DOT specifications. We offer formula suggestions with our knowledge and experience with locally sourced raw materials. Contact us for more information about how we can help you with design a formula. 

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